Why Compliance in Debt Collection is Vital

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We’re excited to report that an article written by Dave Rolf, CEO of Tag Process has been published in the Phoenix Business Journal via Bizjournal.com. Here’s a brief excerpt:

As a business owner for over 20 years working with debt collection law firms, I understand that a key to great customer service involves making sure your company is following all rules and regulations. This is especially true for my business, which delivers legal notices to people who are involved in lawsuits.

Law firms that collect money on behalf of their clients have federal and state legal requirements regarding how they operate and how their vendors operate. For example, it’s required at least once a year that our clients audit all aspects of our operations, including the verification and testing of each of our systems, including incident response plans (internal log/client updates), penetration and vulnerability tests, insurance requirements and process servers to name a few…Read the full article here.

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