Three Takeaways from the COVID Crisis that Can Help Law Firms Thrive

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We’re excited to report that an article written by Dave Rolf, CEO of Tag Process has been published in Receivables Information. Below is a brief excerpt:

Like most industries, the legal realm is wrestling with a “new normal” as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. And our expertise as process servers for debt collection law firms has been particularly challenged since most serves are required to be done face-to-face. Some changes are temporary, but many will bring lasting effects to the way we conduct business together.

But as our industry shifts with the ebbs and flows of this economic uncertainty, one truth remains steadfast: Crisis management and disaster prep is and will continue to be an important factor for firms. Now that many firms have had to grapple with this pandemic crisis, those firms that possess certain characteristics won’t just survive the pandemic, but they’ll gain greater takeaways for thriving on the other side.

Here are three essential elements that are crucial to help a firm thrive during any turbulent situation…


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