Process Server Tips for Combating Court Consumer Counterclaims

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We’re excited to announce that an article written by Dave Rolf, CEO of Tag Process, has been published in We’ve provided an excerpt below, but be sure to read the full article!

Many process servers rely on work from debt collection firms as this kind of work is often reliable and plentiful. As a result, process servers end up being in the middle of debt collection attempts when they deliver service of process, which can undoubtedly put servers in a tricky position if they are unprepared. For example, just this past summer, process servers in New Jersey found themselves in the middle of a lawsuit. Although no one is 100% immune from finding themselves the subject of a lawsuit, there is plenty that process servers can do to prepare for and combat costly litigation. Learn more by hearing from two excellent attorneys in the field, Ron Canter and David Anthony, and get tips on how you can avoid costly litigation by focusing on compliance and forging relationships.



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