Partnership Insights: From the Desk of Tag Process Service CEO, Dave Rolf

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When I founded Tag Process Service in early 1999, it quickly became apparent to me the importance of being selective with the people we partner and work with. Since then, I’ve remained focused on building up the best process service company for the debt collection there is in the industry. You can feel that same energy radiating throughout our day-to-day. Our top priority is and always has been helping clients streamline their office procedures so they can turn a stronger profit and drive the vision of their own firm through. 

That upbeat, driven energy is apparent within our five core values:  


At Tag Process Service, transparency is also key to being leaders in the industry. That’s why I want to share with you some client encounters we’ve experienced over the years that helped us develop the reputation I’ve become so proud of.

Partnership #1: Meeting, and Exceeding Compliance Expectations

As a process service company for the debt collection industry, it is critical to me that we create an atmosphere that remains compliant. One specific law firm came knocking on Tag Process Server’s doors after they discovered the process server they were initially working with was not compliant in numerous key areas after one of their large credit card clients performed an audit. Evidently, their process server was out of compliance and was given 6 months to correct. 

This specific law firm was in a difficult position because they weren’t able to meet the requirements for the audit and were forced to look for another process serving company. They contacted several large Arizona-based collection law firms and discovered all of them had worked with Tag Process Servers. 

The following week, they scheduled an on-site audit with us where they learned that we were not only compliant according to the rules and regulations, but we offered the services and expertise to support their growing needs. They hired us immediately. By teaming with us, they were able to keep their large credit card clients and they continue to remain compliant to this day.

Partnership #2: Transparency is Key

We are proud to have the responsibility of protecting your client’s best interest. Our ability to be transparent and to hold our process servers accountable is one of the ways we build trust and build a great team. 

Years ago, we built a unique feasibility score report that outlines the realistic ability of our servers to attempt jobs throughout a normal workday. The report factors in details such as speed limits, distances between jobs and matches the GPS coordinates with the physical addresses attempted. It acts as an added layer of protection for our clients who often process large volumes of attempts and jobs.

When we first built this report and started sharing it with our clients, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. One specific client decided to challenge another process service company they also used. When this competitor couldn’t provide their own feasibility score, that client lost confidence in that company and has significantly increased the amount of work they assign to us.

Partnership #3: Data Entry & Scanning Assistance 

At Tag Process Service, we’ve generated the capability to run a robust data and document exchange in synchronization with a firm’s case management software. This exchange can save time for staff conducting data entry and scanning, renaming, and uploading documents at their firms. When a large law firm heard about our data process, they knew this could dramatically lower their firm’s overhead costs. Initially, they interviewed 3 firms, including us, but ended up hiring one of our competitors. 

About 3 months later, I received a call from that law firm explaining they lost confidence in the company they chose over us because the technology project they promised was a flop and the integration did not work. They indicated they would consider partnering with Tag Process Service again. The caveat? We were given one month to show how our capabilities could integrate with their technology. We got it done in two weeks and they’ve been a satisfied client for 9 years now. 

Learn More about Tag Process Service

I know there are a lot of variables that go into considering a process serve partner, so I hope these stories provide deeper insights into how we not only help address a client’s problems but also solve them. We remain loyal to our core values and are committed to ensuring we bring our clients a streamlined process.

It has been our pleasure to serve clients in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Washington state and we continue to expand to more Western states as our client needs continue to grow. We also manage the process service around the country when we find the consumer has moved out of state.

I would like to encourage you to schedule a discovery call to find out for yourself if we would be a good fit for your firm. 

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