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Tag Process Service, Inc. is a process server that proudly supports clients in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. Expansion plans are focused on the Western United States.

Tag Process Service, Inc. stands out because:


Staying fully compliant with the Consumer, Financial Protection Bureau(CFPB) and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act(FDCPA) compliance requirements. (NAPPS & NCBA logos) We successfully pass compliance audits multiple times a year.

Serve rate

Improving your successful serve rate. Would you like a higher serve rate? There’s a lot of factors that go into a great serve rate. We’ll complete a full review of your current systems and expectations to make recommendations.


We know this matters and we ensure that we’re always in line with market rates.


Part of our on-boarding process is to understand the frequency and method of communication that your firm would like. Whether you would like to be notified at every attempt or once a week summary of activity we got you covered!


We’re able to work as low or as high tech as you firm would like. We have developers ready to integrate our case management software to make exchanging data and documents a breeze. (Dave introduces RK video and IT guy video)


We want to give your bookkeepers the invoices in a format that is help to them. Many times the format and frequency of invoices can be improved to help the workflow of your accounting department.


We want your clients to notice you! Staying ahead of your competition is key in this highly competitive industry. Our measure of success is the specific metrics that matter most to your clients. Performance reporting is common place around here.

Office Managers

We know you’re under a lot of pressure and we’re here to help! From hitting deadlines to reducing or eliminating mindless tasks of your staff – we guarantee that you’ll love working with us.

Areas We Serve:

Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Washington. We’re expanding to more western states based on client need. We manage the process service around the country when we find the consumer has moved out of state.



COMPLIANCE IS KEY: Financial Compliance Is A Must

Remaining in compliance is critical not only for our role as process servers, but to our clients who rely on us to help them keep their promises. Prior to hiring TAG Process Service, Inc., a client of ours discovered they were not in compliance in a handful of key areas after one of their financial institution clients performed an audit on their organization. In that audit, their process server at the time was found to be out of compliance and was given 6 months to remediate.

Once it became clear they would be unable to meet the required standards for process serving, our client was forced to look for another process service company. They called several other large Arizona collection law firms and discovered most of them worked with our team.

The following week they scheduled an on-site audit as our interview and hired us immediately after learning we were not only compliant according to the rules and regulations, but we offered the services and expertise to support their growing needs. By teaming with us, they were able to keep their large financial institution clients and continue to remain compliant to this day.



Our ability to hold our process servers accountable for the amount of jobs they do in a day is important for the integrity of our company. Therefore, we supply a feasibility score that shows the realistic ability of our servers attempting jobs throughout a normal work day. This acts as an added layer of protection for our clients who often process large volumes of attempts and jobs. For example, it is impossible for a server to attempt to serve over 40 jobs in one day spread out all over the city. That’s a red flag for us that the process server is not being truthful in entering attempts.

A client of Tag Process Services, Inc. began receiving our feasibility score and decided to challenge another process server they were also using to help cover the state of Arizona. Our competitor could not provide their own feasibility score, which did not enhanced our client’s confidence in their services.  Since then, the client has significantly increased the amount of work they assign to us.


TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION & OPTIMIZATION:  When Our Systems Communicate, We Save Time and Money and Increase Accuracy

A client had learned from another collection law firm that their process serving software was able to send and receive both data and documents directly from their process servers, which was saving their company a lot of time. Eager to lower overhead costs, they began searching for a process serving company who could offer them a similar technological solution.

They interviewed 3 firms and hired one that promised they could integrate with their software. Over a 2 month period, this process server company failed to deliver a solution that properly integrated with the client’s current system. Continuing the search once again, they were recommended to Tag Process Service, Inc. by several other local collection law firms.

We set up the integration with their system including client specific rules within 2 weeks. In addition, we discovered that the client was not using their technology to its fullest capability. Therefore, we showed them how to export service and filing job data directly to us, saving two employees 25 hours per week whose primary jobs were to create work orders with service instructions.
We also learned about their software’s requirements to import data to update case information. This enabled us to customize our service data to map to these correct fields while also setting future action codes, which eliminated over 40 hours per week from 3 employees who were entering all of their process servers’ notes manually.

ore, which did not enhanced our client’s confidence in their services.  Since then, the client has significantly increased the amount of work they assign to us.


STREAMLINED SOLUTIONS:  Fully Understanding Our Client’s Workflow Helped Us Build Our Integration That Eventually Saved 3 Full Time Employees

Before we are hired, many collection law firms have been known to hire at least 3 full time employees whose only job is to receive documents from the court and their process service companies and scan each document into their case management software. This process includes un-stapling the documents, scanning, naming the document to a specific naming convention, uploading the document to the case management software, and setting a specific future action to be taken on the case.

We created a process that eliminates these time-wasting tasks from our client completely. Our team scans the documents into our system and programs them based on specific rules that automatically maps the documents into the client’s case management software with zero human interaction. We also program the documents based on the client’s rules for future actions that need to take place based on the type of documents and other factors. By providing this streamlined operation, the law firm was able to repurpose 3 full time employees, directly improving the law firm’s bottom line profits.


INCREASED EFFICIENCY FOR OVERALL SUCCESS:  Skip Tracing Which Leads to Increased Law Firm’s Profitability

Our client needed a more efficient way to manage cases that were difficult to serve. They felt they were wasting too much of their staff’s time locating new addresses for defendants. Realizing they were the bottleneck in the process, they tried to outsource their skip tracing, which only resulted in a marginal reduction in work because their staff was still required to prepare files for the skip trace company. Once they received the new addresses, the client’s staff would then have to open each case, re-type the new address, create a work order, and send the order to their process server.

Tag Process Services, Inc. offered them a solution that greatly sped up their time to completion and increased their overall success rate. We set up a system that automatically pushed the specific type of Non-Service jobs that require new addresses directly to our team of licensed private investigators who immediately began the search. Once new addresses were found, the jobs were automatically created in our system and sent to one of our process servers to complete the job.

By alleviating the client of the time and money required for costly skip tracing services, we immediately reduced the days to serve, increased their overall success rate, and most importantly, eliminated the need for the client to spend unrecoverable dollars on their employees to do this work.



Clients have a wide variety of metrics they use to determine how well our team is performing. More importantly, our clients have metrics that their clients require in order to measure the success of the service they provide. Therefore, we work closely with our clients to provide the customized reporting they require to ensure they are consistently receiving the best results for their investment.

More recently, a client provided specific performance metrics they wished to track, including our success rate by plaintiff (their client), non-service reason codes by plaintiff (their client), and how fast it took for us to complete process serving jobs after they were sent to us. We worked with our technology experts to set up an automatic report that is generated monthly and sent directly to the client for review and approval.


ADVANCING LAW FIRMS AT EVERY LEVEL – Advancing fees to increase success rate and speed up completion times.

Law firms spend a lot of time writing checks for court filing fees, advance witness fees and county recorder costs. At our client’s firm, the only partner who was able to sign these checks was in the office at most two times per week. The time it took for the bookkeeper to write the checks and the delay in getting checks signed was negatively affecting the time performance on their cases.

Our team took over advancing all fees to the client, which resulted in improving the firm’s Days To Complete by a total of 11 days. Consequently, our team had more time to locate defendants who were not found at their first given address, resulting in a higher overall success rate and eliminating the need for the law firm to request an extension of time on their cases.

About Us / Experience / Authority

We’ve been doing this since February of 1999 and work with some of the top collection firms in the country who consistently win awards from their clients for outstanding performance.

We live by 5 core values that define how we think and act every day.

  1. We are Champions!
  2. We’re always in “Growth Mode!”
  3. We love improvement!
  4. We’re doing this together!
  5. We’re stand up people!

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