Is it Time to Partner with a Process Server?

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Running a Law Firm is a lot of Work.

Law firm day-to-day operations can be a lot to juggle. Phones are ringing, client consultations line up and case files stack up. So, when serious cases surface that involve larger sums of money or when a subpoena arises, chances are, you’ll need to partner with a process server for some added assistance. When you need to deliver a serve to an individual or business concerning approaching legal action, they’ll get the right papers to the right people promptly while fulfilling all the rules of due diligence.

There are ample consequences for not working with a process server when the need arises. Failing to leverage a process server when you need one can often result in a delayed case or in worse circumstances, could have the entire case thrown out. 

When Should you Partner with a Process Server?

How can you know when it’s time to start working with a process server? Close your eyes and playback a typical day at your law firm. How have serves been handled in the past? Was it an efficient or challenging process? 

The scorecard below can provide deeper insights on “proving your case” to look for a process server for extra help in your court case. 

During your serve process, are you running into scenarios like:

  • Clients have accused your firm of underperforming
  • Your firm has faced compliance issues
  • Staff is spending too much time trying to follow up on the process service 
  • Lawsuits are not being filed in a timely manner
  • The court and documentation paperwork doesn’t integrate with your current computer system
  • You’re stuck in an antiquated manual computer tracking process, such as manually scanning, uploading documents, etc. 
  • You are unable to track documents online 
  • You’ve encountered multiple many bad serves
  • There are too many unrecoverable costs
  • Your firm pays several employees to handle various elements of the process service
  • You’re directly paying for private investigations  

Did any of these scenarios sound familiar? If so, chances are you’re looking to partner with a process server. 

Assuming you would prefer to reduce the volume of service providers you work with, it’s important to consider a company that will fill in the gaps to the majority, if not all, of your requirements or firm’s administrative needs. In addition, it could substantially reduce the law firm’s direct expenses.

Process servers are traditionally well-versed in which cases require their services. When you partner with a process server, they’ll often manage more than merely just the serve process. In addition to serving the actual documents, process servers may have a variety of other responsibilities. Tag Process will perform everything you need, such as manage court filing process, fax, and e-fax filings, retrieve necessary documents, handle private and court investigations, and skip tracing. 

At Tag Process, our team strives to see the bigger picture. Together, we stay motivated to work proficiently and confidently. Our reputation is built on two things: getting people served, and treating every single person with professionalism. Building relationships and thriving in our work is what keeps us going.

If you think its time to partner with a process server, let’s schedule some time to walk through your firm’s challenges. We’ll show you how we can solve some of your biggest serve problems.

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