How Debt Will Adapt in a Post-COVID-19 World and What that Means for Debt Collection Firms

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We’re excited to report that an article written by Dave Rolf, CEO of Tag Process has been published by insideARM. Here’s a brief excerpt:

Globally speaking, the COVID-19 pandemic has ushered a distinctive shift in the way people socialize, travel, and conduct business. In the immediate sense for the process service industry, the need to conduct a serve in person was hindered by social distancing measures. While many unprecedented uncertainties remain in the United States, economic ambiguity is steadfast, making it difficult for anyone to predict when, or how quickly, the economy will begin to recover. As a result, U.S. consumers are engaging differently with their debts.

Provided the furloughs, mass layoffs, subsequent economic downturn, there’s no surprise that Americans have started spending less and saving more. As the world settles into a “new normal,” experts in the industry suggest those involved in collecting debt should be prepared for unpredictable payments based on the ever-evolving economic situation…


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