How Can Tag Process Service Improve Your Firm’s Staff Efficiencies?

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At Tag Process Service, we believe in taking whatever steps we can to ensure we’re keeping the tedious work out of the law firm’s hands. 

Whether it’s settling a case or managing the day-to-day, we know how to help law firms. Many debt collection law firms would like to choose to partner with process servers who are familiar with the nuances of the debt collection industry and can improve their staff efficiencies.

  1.   Tag Process Service Assists with Skip Tracing

While process serving may sound like a simple procedure, it generally requires a lot of time and due diligence. Very often, the defendant may be aware they are about to be served, so they’ll do anything they can to avoid coming in contact with the process server. 

When that happens, the process server will generally start with the last known address of the defendant. But when that is not the current address, they may turn to the process of skip tracing. The server may have to do some investigating, such as travel to the new location of the individual, learn their schedule, and even stake-out at the defendant’s residence or business. 

Skip tracing isn’t a simple task. It could involve leveraging a dynamic set of resources to collect the necessary information. When skip tracing, a process server may try to mine data from the following types of information:

  • Credit reports 
  • Utility bills
  • Credit card applications
  • Courthouse records
  • Criminal background checks
  • Phone number databases
  • Job applications
  • Loan applications
  • Public record databases
  • Public tax information
  • Driver’s license databases
  • Vehicle registration departments 
  • Air travel records

At Tag Process Service, we have licensed private investigators that have access to proprietary tools and technologies that are routinely enhanced and updated. This dramatically helps to increase the accuracy of data while decreasing overall client costs.

  1.   Tag Process Service  Assists with Data Entry

In this industry, accuracy and attention to detail are paramount. Repetitive manual data entry opens up the possibility for mistakes and kills productivity. 

While the case management department of a firm can handle the data entry, track court dates, following up with process servers, preparing affidavits, providing status reports, and closing files, we can help kick it up a notch. Tag Process Service can send the details of the service directly into a client’s case management software so the staff doesn’t have to manually re-type it. We can even program sending back unique action codes that help the law firms workflow.

We’ve created a unique technology called Redknuckles, which ensures privacy, adds an additional layer of protection and streamlines productivity. The features within the Redknuckles platform include: 

  • compliance monitoring
  • data integration
  •  increase service rates
  • feasibility scores
  •  custom reporting
  • online client dashboard
  • barcodes
  • custom notifications
  • GPS and photo evidence
  • Security
  •  and more.
  1.   Tag Process Service Assists with Court Document Handling: 

Tag Process Service eliminates the need for law firms to have staff that handle physical filed court documents. From unstapling, scanning, naming the documents, and electronically uploading documents into your case management software ..We’ve got it covered. Matter of fact, we even built an app that reads the barcodes on client’s legal documents and used that to send back to the client so they’re getting exactly what they sent to us. 

At Tag Process Service, we don’t just help to serve documents, we help with the whole process. The Redknuckles technology completely eliminates time-wasting tasks from our clients, saving process time and enabling our clients to redirect staff to more valuable tasks.

To learn more about our end-to-end process service, let’s set up a time to chat for a brief discovery call:

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