Partnership Insights II: From the Desk of Tag Process Service CEO, Dave Rolf

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Fun fact: early into my career, I started out as a process server. Granted, it was over twenty years ago and technology has provided some exciting improvements to overall procedures. Despite that, being a process server still has that same “boots on the ground” approach, which I love. I dug deep into the industry to later start Tag Process Service, which has grown in reputation for being one of the best process service companies for debt collection in Arizona and surrounding areas. And because of my experience, I remain passionately integrated into the day-to-day operations of this organization. The energy in our office is undeniable. I came from serving papers between college classes to strategizing better productivity within the justice system. My passion for this growing industry has never been stronger. And I’ve learned a few things along the way.

In my previous blog, I discussed how our five core values are deeply rooted in how we help our clients streamline their office procedures so they can turn a stronger profit and drive the vision of their own firm through. Our daily focus is exceeding client expectations, exhibiting transparency, always, and integrating data entry solutions for our clients. Below I’ve outlined some additional ways we aim to make a difference for our clients.

Committed to Streamlining Processes for Firms

Many debt collection law firms employ a few full-time employees for the sake of administrative tasks: un-stapling, scanning, developing naming conventions for documents, uploading the document to their case management software, you name it. After that, they set a specific future action to be taken on the case. Tedious at best, right?

I knew there was a better process for this, so we developed a technology that eliminates this time-sucking task from our clients completely. Our team can scan these documents directly into our software which then sends the PDFs to our clients and attaches the PDFs automatically in the correct case in the client’s case management software.

This process not only eliminates the overhead cost of additional staff but also reduces the human error element, which can be a huge risk for firms. By providing this and other time-saving processes our clients are able to eliminate or repurpose staff to more valuable tasks.

Committed to Client Efficiency

A recent client of ours was looking for help managing difficult cases they were serving. They felt they were wasting employee time locating new addresses for defendants. Totally understandable.

Since their staff was spread so thin, they decided to outsource their skip tracing efforts, but it backfired because their internal team was still tied to preparing files for the skip trace company. Once they received the new addresses, the client’s staff would still have to open each case, re-type the new address, create a work order, and send the order to their process server.

That’s where Tag Process Service came in. As their client, we set up a system that automatically narrowed down Non-Service jobs that required new addresses and sent them directly to our team of licensed private investigators, which enabled them to immediately begin the search. Once new addresses were found, the jobs were automatically created in our system and sent to one of our process servers to complete the job.

Through this partnership, we were able to provide a solution that not just sped up their time to completion, but it also increased their overall success rate, saving this specific client time, money, and increased their overall success rate of cases.

Documentation and Data are Key

When we consult with our clients, they’re often concerned with performance metrics. Personally, I’ve always believed there’s a direct relationship between the client’s satisfaction and the level of importance that we provide to them.

We recently had a client provide specific performance metrics they wished to track, which included:

  • our success rate by the plaintiff and by the county where it was served
  • non-service reason codes
  • the amount of time it took for us to complete the jobs after they were sent to us

From there, we were able to develop this report within a matter of days and I specifically remember how grateful the client was. They even sent an email expressing their gratitude! By measuring these appropriate metrics, we can manage and improve it.

In another example, I had a client contact us in hopes of reducing the amount of time it took to serve summons and complaints. They were spending a lot of time writing checks for court filing fees, advance witness fees, and county recorder costs. Meanwhile, the only partner able to sign these specific checks could only come into the office two times a week. By the time their bookkeeper wrote the checks and the check was signed, it just took too much time and had a negative impact on the performance of their cases.

Our team took over advancing all checks to the client, which resulted in improving the firm’s “days to complete” by a total of 11 days. Since we were able to speed up that process, our team also had more time to locate defendants who were not found at their first given address. This resulted in a higher overall success rate and eliminated the need for the law firm to request an extension of time on their cases.

We would like to encourage you to schedule a discovery call to find out for yourself if we would be a good fit for your firm.

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