We Can Help.

As you work to maintain your community, sometimes you face the challenge of identifying the owner of a vehicle. You wonder whether the car or truck belongs to an individual living in your neighborhood, or to an individual who has parked without authorization.

At Tag Process Service Inc., we’re ready to help you identify the owners of any unauthorized cars parked in your community. We can quickly and confidently run the plates of any unauthorized vehicles in order to identify the registered owners. We are a registered company with the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department and can run these vehicle plates the same day.


Since we began in 1999, our company has focused on adding real value that helps our clients bottom-line profits while building strong, lasting relationships. We have built a product specifically designed to help you quickly identify the owners of vehicles parked in your community without authorization.

Other HOA services include: document preparation, document delivery, process service, court filings, document retrieval, private investigations and mobile notary. For more information, please click here.

When you’re ready to talk about quickly identifying the registered owners of unauthorized vehicles in your communities, send us an email.

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