Founded in 1999 by Dave Rolf, Tag Process Service, Inc. has focused on being intentional in adding real value that helps the client’s bottom-line profits while building strong, lasting relationships.

At Tag Process Service, Inc., we believe that how you handle the little things is an indication of how you’ll handle the big things. That’s why from the smallest details to your largest projects, we focus on doing things right.

Our company is made up of a team who is passionate not only about processes, but about people. We know that the best way to run a business is to care for our employees, clients and the people we work with behind the scenes like family.

Since we encourage each of our employees to work hard and play to their strengths, we never stop improving. We’re proud of our unique technology and creative techniques that make us stand out in the professional process serving industry. This is what drives us to evolve each day to become even better.

We live by 5 core values that define how we think and act every day.

  1. We are Champions!
  2. We’re always in “Growth Mode”!
  3. We love Improvement!
  4. We’re Doing This Together!
  5. We’re Stand Up People!

These are the pillars on which our expertly trained team provides all aspects of process serving including court filings, record retrieval, private investigations, background checks, document preparation and notary public services. If you’re looking to work with a winning team dedicated to serving your best interests, give us a call.

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