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Our Mission, Vision and Values

We take great pride in ensuring the direction and daily work we provide is governed by our Mission, Vision and Values.

Our Mission
We believe TAG»Process Service is owned by God and we feel a lot of responsibility to give Him our best. We keep our clients happy by efficiently delivering legal documents.
Our Vision
At TAG»Process Service we believe that how you handle the little things is an indication of how you’ll handle the big things. That’s why from the smallest details to your largest projects, we focus on doing things right.

Our company is made up of people who are passionate about people and we know that the best way to run a business is to care for our employees, clients and the people we work with behind the scenes like family.

Since we encourage each of our employees to work hard and play to their strengths, we never stop improving. We’re proud of our unique technology and creative techniques that make us stand out in the professional process serving industry and we continue to evolve each day to become even better.
Our Values
The team at TAG»Process Service strives to bring integrity, professionalism and a positive attitude to the table every single day. We follow the rules, yet know how to be resourceful and our quality results set the standard high for the process serving industry.

Our team members are held to strict performance standards that are diligently monitored on a daily basis.

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What Makes Tag»Process Different?

» Our Systems and Philosophy
  • We are so much more than just a professional, dependable process serving company. We act as an extension of our client’s business.
  • We relieve our client’s employees of time consuming tasks, such as data entry. Let us do the heavy lifting.
  • We do the scanning for you. We can send you back copies of all of your served documents in .PDF format to save you time.
  • We automatically upload documents into our client’s systems.
  • No more shuffling through emails or stacks of documents to find service status. With Tag»Process , all you have to do is view one daily spreadsheet that will keep you up to date on all of your service information. And the best part is- our reports are customizable. See only the information that interests you.

    » We Manage Our Process Servers Differently
  • Our people are held to strict performance standards that are diligently monitored on a daily basis. RESULTS MATTER.
  • We have a dedicated group of sub-contracted process servers, and have a full-time staff of licensed process servers to make sure that we can get your documents served fast!
  • Our Post-Serve employees read through each service attempt to make sure that due diligence is being met on every single job.

  • » Same Day Statewide Courier Guarantee
  • We can get a document from any point in the state to any other point in the state. This is something that FedEx or UPS does NOT do.

  • » We File Court Documents in a Special Way
  • We nurture the relationships with the court clerks differently.
  • We know that each court and each judge works differently, so each relationship with the courts must be different.
  • We offer same day rush filings upon request.
  • Same day and next day filings at most Arizona courts.

  • » Unique and Creative Investigations
  • Our systems do not slow down the process when the debtor cannot be located.
  • We have full time Private Investigators on staff to help with all of your skip tracing and investigations needs.

  • » Document Preparation
  • Our Pre-Serve staff take the time to make sure every filing is ready for court.
  • This cuts down on the number of rejected documents and the number of incorrect fillings.

  • » Advancing Court and Bank Fees
  • Have a document you need filed but don’t have time to wait for a check? We’ll advance your fees to make sure you don’t miss any deadlines.
  • » Code of Ethics
    Skills and Knowledge
    1. The private process server is responsible for having knowledge and keeping informed of all current and applicable laws and rules regarding the service of process. The server has an obligation to maintain a working knowledge of proper modes of service.
    2. The private process server is required to manage service proficiently. These required skills include those necessary to perform the service, maintain records, and communicate with the client in a timely fashion.
    3. The private process server must keep the client reasonably informed about the status of the service and promptly comply with reasonable requests.
    4. The private process server will ensure all affidavits and certificates prepared are complete, accurate, understandable, formatted in compliance with the laws and filed with the court in a timely manner.
    5. The private process server must attend Supreme Court-approved continuing education classes or participate in approved continuing education forums annually.
    6. The private process server agrees to comply with and keep current all necessary licenses, bonds, permits, certifications and any other requirements mandated by all jurisdictions in which the server conducts business.

    1. The private process server will handle all legal documents with care and maintain required records in an organized and professional manner.
    2. The private process server is not to provide or offer legal advice.
    3. The private process server shall not violate any rules adopted by the Arizona Supreme Court or conduct themselves in a manner that would reflect adversely on the judiciary, the courts, or other agencies involved in the administration of justice.
    4. The private process server must respect the confidentiality of information and preserver the clients’ confidences.
    5. The private process server will maintain a professional appearance at all times.
    6. The private process server is to be courteous and polite in all dealings and will avoid using profanity, vulgarity, or derogatory remarks in contact with others.
    7. The private process server may explain the general nature of the served papers, but should never attempt to decide the merits of a lawsuit.

    1. The private process server will perform the service of process in a professional manner and utilize sound judgment, while avoiding rudeness and unprofessional conduct.
    2. The private process server must present service in a nonjudgmental manner.
    3. The private process server will not misrepresent his or her qualifications, capabilities, fees, or any other information relating to the role of the private process server.
    4. The private process server has an obligation to maintain the best interests of the client by maintaining a high standard of work and reporting to the client the full facts determined as a result of the work and effort, whether they are advantageous or detrimental to the client.
    5. The private process server must be professional and honest in all dealings with all persons while engaged in any activity related to the service of process.

    Our Technology

    Since our industry is unlike any other, we refused to work around boxed technology. Instead, we constructed Red Knuckles from the ground up to enable the most efficient way of doing our work. We provide an intuitive workflow that shortens learning curves, reduces defects and improves user satisfaction. We’re serious about providing the speed, security and reliability you demand from mission-critical software. In fact, we’re a bit fanatical about it.

    With Red Knuckles, all you have to do is view one daily spreadsheet that will keep you up to date on all of your service information. And the best part is – our reports are customizable. See only the information that interests you.

  • Developed from the ground up with the collection industry in mind.
  • Programmers available to customize your experience.
  • Dynamic importing, exporting and reporting to ensure a good fit with your information systems and business processes.
  • Built on Microsoft’s .net platform, leveraging the security, encryption and isolation used by major financial institutions.
  • Instant virus scanning of all files, as well as continual server scanning.
  • Data continuity ensured through RAID and daily and weekly backups.
  • Datacenter is registered as a Safe Harbor with the U.S. Department of Commerce as meeting or exceeding guidelines for the adequate protection of private and confidential information. On-site network engineers guard against security threats 24/7 but have no access to client data.
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